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Overview of Thot Scientific Data Management Software
Analyze with a click
Insights powered by AI
Explore your data with ease

Take charge of your data

Visually organize

Our desktop app allows you to visualize your project, supercharging your understanding. Drag and drop data where it's needed, and easily find it later.

Turn your computer into a database

Thot’s API allows you to search files and folders like they’re a database from any Python or R script. Annotate your data in the desktop app and interact with it in your analysis scripts.

Collaborate with anybody

With Thot, everything is just files and folders. This means you can still collaborate with those not yet using Thot.

FAIR Practices Made Easy

Make your data future-proof. Thot facilitates metadata tagging and tracks data throughout your workflow, so in six months when you need to find that specific csv file, it takes no time at all.

How it works

Build, label and analyze

Organize your data

Build your project using simple building blocks

How to organize your Data with Thot Scientific Data Management software

Annotate each block with metadata.

Add data

Drag and drop your data.

How to easily add your Data with drag and drop for Thot Scientific Data Management software

Label data

Directly add metadata and labels to the data.

How to label your Data with Thot Scientific Data Management software

Analyze data

With only a click, Thot analyzes the data and stores any intermediate results.

How to analyze your Data with Thot Scientific Data Management software

Plot labels come from the metadata!


All data stays on your computer by default

Data organization

Thot’s visual interface makes it easy to build, organize, and understand your data sets.

Data analysis

Save time and money. Thot automatically processes large amount of scientific data sets, just in 1 click!

Open data format

Everything is files and folders! So you can easily share with anyone.

Data repository

Data sets are hosted on Thot cloud and are accessible from anywhere. Let your community easily find, reuse, and contribute to projects.

Access rights

Thot let's you decide who can view or modify different parts of a project, so you can be sure your data is in trusted hands.

Lab notes

Turn the traditional ELN on its head. Notes are attached directly to data so understanding their context is easy.

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